Details and Trivia
Both Cole Sprouse and K.J. Apa dyed their hair for their roles.

In this series, Jughead wears a pronged beanie as an updated version of the whoopee cap the character traditionally wears in the comics. The whoopee cap was a popular hat for kids of the early 20th century made by cutting a fedora into a crown-like shape.

All episode titles are based on films.

The series was originally going to be on FOX, but was moved to The CW instead fitting since the network has adapted several comic books into TV Series.

This is not the first time Archie's comics have been put on screen, an attempt to this was already done unsuccessfully though.

"Riverdale" is shot in the region of Vancouver, B.C.

While their apparent mutual feelings for each other may seem odd to casual viewers, the concept of the famously asexual Jughead showing a romantic interest in Betty dates back years ago to the comics when the two were often seen together. Betty would occasionally flirt with Jughead, and Jughead would even admit that if he were to ever show any female romantic interest, it would be her.

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