Details and Trivia
Sarah Jessica Parker had a clause in her contract for this show stipulating that she will not do any full nudity. This is why the audience never sees Carrie in anything less than underwear whereas all the other main female characters have been filmed in much less.

During an interview, it was revealed that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall loathed each other since the first season. The relationship became even more strained when Parker was made producer; their on screen friendship was so well done that fans had no idea. This is why whenever the four women appeared at events, Parker and Cattrall were opposite each other. Both women felt it was "unprofessional" to bash each other during the series' run.

There are only 8 Episodes in Season 5 due to Sarah Jessica Parker's pregnancy.

Sarah Jessica Parker spent up to 18 hours a day in heels playing Carrie.

The first name of "Mr. Big" (played by Chris Noth) is revealed only in the final episode. His whole name is learned in the follow-up movie Sex and the City: Le film (2008).

The naturally blond Cynthia Nixon dyes her hair red to play Miranda on the show.

The first cable series to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series.

The early episodes of the show had characters looking directly at the camera lens and commenting on the events in the story. This element was dropped in later episodes.

* Source IMDB